Larry SnyderLarry Snyder has been tuning and repairing pianos and other stringed keyboard instruments in Davis and Woodland since 1970. He studied piano technology in Boston with William Garlick and Edmund Coghlan, and harpsichord making in Cambridge with William Dowd, refining his training in piano reconstruction under Sheldon Smith in Berkeley.

In the '70s Larry studied piano performance with Barbara Shearer and Karl Ulrich Schnabel. He founded the Mosswood Spring Opera in 1976 in Berkeley, later continuing productions with local singers in Davis. There he directed the Mosswood Spring Opera Workshops, preparing ensembles with Davis High School students, coached by experienced performers. His book German Poetry in Song was published by Fallen Leaf Press in 1995. In addition, he has presented courses on the History of Western Music, Schubert, Schütz, and Loewe, plays baroque flute, and teaches piano privately in Davis.